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O My! Goat Milk Soap Shaving Tips

Congratulations on finding the healthiest shave you will ever experience!!

I know that's a far shot actually, considering you may be a very experience shaver, but we're serious here at O My! We are serious about delivering a product that works for you 24/7 to bring about a healthy glow to your skin! "O My!"

Why wet shave with O My!™ Goat Milk Shaving Soap?

Wet shaving AND goat milk shaving soaps may be two totally new morning routines to you, but please know you have made the right choice for your skin's health! Here's just a few reason why O My!™ is for you...
  • Shaving with O My!™ is a much healthier shave with Aloe, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and of course goat milk (which is already close to our skin's PH balance)
  • It's much, much cheaper than gels! Each shaving soap "puck" lasts approximately 6-8 weeks
  • Wet shaving wastes less and spares our landfills
  • Wet shaving gives a much better shave... simple as that!

    History: Wet shaving was very popular in the golden days of our grandfathers and is a technique that’s gone to the way-side since the advent of disposable, multi-blade razors. We are tired of the expense, waste and chemicals, so we brought back the fabulous, healthy benefits to this old-age approach with a new "goat milk" flare!

    Step 1: Prep your razor

    Before you start shaving, your materials will need prepped. You should insert a new blade (if you are using a double edge razor) or hone your blade (if you are using a straight razor). It is also best to wet the area you will be shaving with warm water prior to shaving. This allows the hair to stand up a little bit, making it easier to cut.

    Step 2: Prepping Your Hair to be Shaved

    The first step to goat milk wet shaving is hair prep. Hair is softened by moisture, so the simplest prep is a hot shower or hot bath. There is no need for any prep oils, etc prior to shaving with O My!™.

    Step 3: Building a Lather

    Building a lather is just as important as hair prep! Shake your brush of excess moisture (after soaking it) and start "loading" the brush with shaving soap (move the brush in a circular motion over the shaving soap puck). After the the brush is loaded, you can either start applying the soap to your face, or build the lather in a bowl.
  • Tip! Keep your left-over lather in your stainless steel bowl until your next shave for building a faster lather!
  • Tip! It's best to start with a relatively dry lather, and flick moisture into the lather until you reach the desired creaminess.
  • Tip! After you're done shaving, sit your brush with the bristles up, so it can air dry and be ready for the next use.

  • Step 4: Treat your skin right

    After shaving, rinse the area with warm water and pat dry. Apply the O My!™ Shaving Lotion so your skin holds in all the benefits of the goat milk shave until your next shave. The goat milk aftershave lotion makes your skin soft & silky to the touch... noticeable by others!!