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O My! Goat Milk Soap Loaves

I bet you didn't know O My! Goat Milk Soaps are like a fine wine! No, you can't drink them, but they do get better with age! Strength and durability are just some of the finest qualities you'll find in long-lasting natural handcrafted soaps like O My!

Give yourself and your family peace of mind, when Bulking Up on the best smelling, purest handcrafted goat milk soaps around! Know you can count on O My! to keep all skin clean and healthy 24/7!

- Handcrafted product, Made in USA
- 2 Bulk Up Loaf Sizes Available : 8 pre-cut soap bar loaf and 16 pre-cut soap bar loaf
- Pre-cut soap bar loaves are shrink-wrapped (but not individually), protecting all the bars from elements during long-term storage
- High quality ingredients + fresh goat milk sourced from our farm
- Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free
O My! Goat Milk Soap Loaves


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